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Broadcast – UC Football

As a long-time UC football fan, I feel like we’re suffering from the “Minter Syndrome.” I’m referring to former coach Rick Minter, who produced just enough mediocre seasons to avoid getting fired. Current coach Tommy Tuberville explains his average performance by saying, “It wasn’t built in one day.” He’s suggesting he didn’t inherit much talent and the team needs to rebuild. The hard truth is the coaches who preceded him, produced some of the best teams in the school’s history. So what’s with the excuse?

UC’s athletic department could at least make things exciting by scheduling high quality opponents. But the Bearcats don’t play one top 25 team this season. Who wants to buy a ticket at Nippert Stadium to watch Alabama A&M? UC’s administration needs to give Tuberville two years to win or else. Otherwise, we’ll all be facing the “minter syndrome.”