UC Reforms

Broadcast – UC Reforms

Many of you are wondering why the killing of Sam Dubose requires the University of Cincinnati to hire a community relations director, a vice-president of reform and public relations experts that cost $300 an hour. Taxpayers are also questioning why the school is spending $650,000 to reform its police department.

Here’s a history lesson. In 2010 and 2014, two African-American officers were convicted of sex crimes, one for pressuring the mother of a boy he arrested to perform oral sex, the other for having sex with underage girls. But back then, no one demanded “special training” or “high-priced consultants.”

The hard truth is, today, UC is caving in to demands for change for only one reason. Dubose was black and the cop who murdered him was white. Switch the races of the killer and victim, and this would still be a tragedy, but not a crusade for major reforms.