Vietnam Deja Vu

Broadcast – Vietnam Deja Vu

The “light at the end of the tunnel” in Vietnam came from American generals who encouraged Presidents to keep sending our young men to die in that Asian wasteland. 40 years later we’ve learned our current military commanders changed intelligence reports to make it look like the bombing campaigns against the Islamic State are succeeding. They’re not.

But why should it? The hard truth is enemies of Isis aren’t working together. Syria, Iran and the U.S. are each waging its own war.Now Russia wants to put together a coalition of countries, but President Obama says no, because Syrian and Iranian leaders support terrorism and hate Israel. The Allies defeated the Nazis in World War II by joining forces with the greatest mass murderer of all time, Joseph Stalin. Can the Syrian President and Iran’s Ayatollah be any worse? It’s time to decide what’s the greatest threat and do whatever it takes to defeat it!

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