What’s Happening on Campus?

Broadcast – What’s Happening on Campus?


I miss the good old days when college kids were only on drugs and didn’t bother anyone. But, when your football team is four and five, like the University of Missouri, you have to find other causes to get behind, like fighting imaginary racism. Protestors there forced the resignation of the university’s president because he “failed to acknowledge his ‘white male privilege’ and recognize the systems of oppression” on campus. Oppression? You mean like getting your butt out of bed and going to class. One student even engaged in a week-long hunger strike, certainly more impressive than a panty raid, but not up to Gandhi standards.

But, the craziest stuff is going on at Yale where they’re fighting to wipe out the 1st amendment. A conference on free speech was disrupted by protesters who spat on the audience and called them racist. One minority attendee was labeled a “traitor.” The demonstrators were angry about culturally insensitive Halloween costumes like feathered headdresses or turbans. Now that’s a crusade worth fighting for. I’m Phil Heimlich.