Where’s the Protest?

Broadcast – – Where’s the Protest?

On July 4, at 11:00pm, Christopher McKnight was brutally beaten on Cincinnati’s Fountain Square by criminals of a different race. He suffered a broken nose and concussion. The vicious attack continued even after he fell unconscious. The mob also injured two police officers by throwing fireworks and bottles at them. In a video of this senseless crime, the perpetrators can be heard laughing.

The investigating officer described the incident as “racially motivated” and the police chief called it a “hate crime.” So where’s the Civil Rights establishment? Where’s Al Sharpton wannabe Bobby Hilton? Where’s the “no justice, no peace” crowd”? The hard truth is they could care less because the victim was white and the thugs brutalizing him were black. If things were reversed, there’d be protests throughout the city. But this doesn’t fit the storyline pushed by the race hustlers, so you won’t hear a thing.