The Year’s Stupidest Law

Broadcast – Year’s Stupidest Law

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to honor the stupidest law passed in 2015. The winner is the new California “Racial Profiling Law.” Accepting this prestigious award is the “hands up-don’t shoot” crowd responsible for this poorly thought out legislation.

The champions of political correctness can be proud they’ve handcuffed police officers for many years to come. Because cops will now have to write down the perceived race and ethnicity of everyone they stop and the reason for the encounter. So if an officer questions a group of teens while pursuing a robbery suspect, he has to postpone the chase to get the required “demographic data.” This added paperwork will create a massive bureaucratic headache that will burden both the police and taxpayers.

The California F.O.P. pointed out this law addresses a problem that doesn’t even exist saying, “There is no racial profiling. Just criminal profiling.”

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